Why don’t you have a Will?

Is it because you don’t know where to start? You don’t want to talk about death? You don’t have time? Is it the cost?

Well lets be real – there are a few certainty’s in life and death is one of them. We can avoid it or we can deal with the prospect of it and make sure that upon our passing we do not leave our family and friends and children with legal issues in addition to

and get a WILL drafted, signed and stored in our fireproof safe where we hopefully won’t need to look at it or action it for many years!!!

Over 50% of adults do not have a Will, so obviously a lot of us are avoiding this process! If you knew the consequence of dying without a Will and the stress and hardship and uncertainty it puts on your family, you would without a doubt make a Will immediately!

There is no time like the present to turn this around and honestly the process of having a Will prepared is not that daunting. If anything it really gives you an opportunity to sit down and think and discuss about what you want to happen to your assets in the event of your passing. This is really vital in situations where you have a partner and especially if you have a child or children.

Do you want all of your assets to just pass to your partner? Or do you want half to go to your partner and the other half be locked up in a trust for your child/children? Will you give your partner a life interest in the house so they can continue to live there? Will your life insurance pay off the mortgage? Do you even have insurance? What happens if you die and do not have a Will? Is your property held as tenants in common or joint proprietors?

Although these may seem like complex scenarios, we deal with this all day, every day and are able to give you advice and discuss the advantages and disadvantages and provide our recommendations to you.

We can suggest numerous options for your Will based on your personal situation and discuss good options for Executors/Trustees and Guardians for your children as well as alternates.

Many people do not love paying tax, and there are various mechanisms that we can employ in your Will to ensure that your beneficiaries are minimally taxed, if taxed at all! You have worked hard to build up your assets, why get taxed on the distribution of them! Again, Argent Law is here to guide you through this process and discuss whether it is best for you to have a Will that encompasses a testamentary trust or trusts or a superannuation proceeds trust.

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