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Argent Law offers a personalised service with a professional approach.

Family Law

Family law, especially divorce and separation, can be a difficult, complicated and emotional time for any family, with financial agreements, property settlement issues, business agreements, contracts and tax issues all needing attention. Additionally, if you have children with your partner, the process of negotiating child living arrangements can be stressful.

Parenting Plan

Argent Law has extensive experience preparing parenting plans for our clients

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Airport Watch List

Often of great concern to clients in parenting disputes is the risk of the other parent taking a child outside Australia without their knowledge or consent.

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Recovery Applications

Child Recovery Application
For family law clients, often one of the most distressing experiences they can have is when the other parent refuses to return the child to their care after a visit.

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Binding Financial Agreements

At Argent law we take a holistic approach to family law and parenting disputes. Our focus is always on your family safety, wellbeing and what our client’s regard as the best post-separation parenting
arrangements for their children.

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Property Settlement

Family law, especially divorce and separation, can be a difficult, complicated and emotional time for any family, with financial agreements, property settlement issues, business agreements, contracts and tax issues all needing attention.

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Divorce Law

When it comes to divorce and separation, Argent Divorce Lawyers Melbourne can help you work matters through in the best way possible. Australian Law provides one ground for divorce – irretrievable breakdown of a marriage –meaning proof of a marriage breakdown only is necessary

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Property Law

Whether you’re selling, buying, investing in a property or transferring a property title, Argent Law’s property lawyers can help you, offering the benefit of xceptional legal expertise and experience in the industry.


Argent Law’s property conveyancing lawyers Melbourne have the ability to assist in regards to all property law matters. We have several years of experience and expertise to make your property goals a

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Purchase of Land

Purchase of Land Buying a property is a big investment. It is vital to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying and if there are any items such as easements or other encumbrances that you should be aware of.

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Sale of Land

As a Vendor you must ensure that you adhere to the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Victoria). If you do not, the
Purchaser may be able to rescind your Contract of Sale and cancel the transaction.

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Subdivision and Land Development

Whether it’s subdividing land or consolidating titles, Argent Law’s Property Lawyers can assist you with you personal and commercial projects’

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Commercial Law

At Argent Law we understand that a lot of the aspects of commercial law can be complicated and seem daunting, which is why we work closely with our clients to learn about their situation,understand their objectives and provide cutting-edge legal advice in the following areas of law

Business Law

As a business our self, we understand that any legal matter involving your business can be distrustful, our main aim is to ensure we take handle your matter efficiently and discretely so you can get on with running your business

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Debt Recovery

Often people will extend the credit period in order to maintain good relations with clients, family and friends, however,but in the long run it can end up impacting on you and your business.

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Breach of Contract

Contractual breaches and disputes can turn into onerous, expensive and unpleasant matters and often turn good business relationships into sour relationships in the process

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Work place disputes and employment

At Argent Law we work with employees and employers on a range of agreements and disputes.We believe that transparency is key, and we take a practical and cohesive approach to working through employment
issues and matters

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Commercial Litigation

Argent Law can assist you to litigate your matters which arise out of ordinary commercial law transactions including the construction of documents, trade and commerce, insurance, banking,finance, commercial agency, mortgage default,
misleading and deceptive conduct, debt recovery and enforcement proceedings in the following Court.

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Sale/Purchase of Business

At Argent Law we have countless years of experience advising on the sale and purchases of a diverse range of businesses, including cafes, hair dressing and beauty salons, sports and gym facilities, transport, restaurants and catering businesses, post office agencies.

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Estate Law

A Will and testament concern what is supposed to happen to the assets and properties after the death of a person. One can also include how to handle the matters concerning a minor child, if applicable

Basic Wills

A Will is a very important legal tool which stipulates how your assets should be distributed upon your passing and to whom.

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Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document authorising a person (the appointed attorney) to act on another person’s (the principal’s) behalf.

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Estate Planning

At Argent Law, we do not think that your hard-earned estate should be eaten up by tax or by creditors.

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Administration and Probate of Deceased Estate

If you are the Executor of a Will, you will be responsible for the administration and distribution of the deceased’s estate in accordance with the deceased’s Last Will and Testament.

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Testamentary Trusts

A testamentary trust is a trust created by a Will. It is generally a discretionary trust – one where the Trustee has full discretion about who benefits, and to what extent, under the trust.

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Contesting a Will

Contesting a Will in Victoria, also known as challenging a Will, can only occur in the following circumstances.

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