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At Argent Law we have countless years of experience advising on the sale and purchases of a diverse range of businesses, including cafes, hair dressing and beauty salons, sports and gym facilities, transport, restaurants and catering businesses, post office agencies, automotive businesses, real estate agencies and even law firms.

There are many stages and elements that need to be considered when selling or purchasing a business, including the completion and review of a Section 52 statement, Heads of Agreement, transfer of lease which includes security deposit transfer and landlord’s consent, rental agreement and transfer of outgoings. Each industry and business type is unique, that is why it is important to have an expert on your side to ensure all aspects are taken into consideration and the process is thoroughly dealt with.

We know that the purchase or sale of a business can be an exciting and life changing experience, but we also know it can be complex and there are many considerations that need to be addressed in the process. Our aim is to keep you as informed as possible from the day you consider entering negotiations to the day you settle. It is our job to communicate with all parties involved and we aim to stay one step ahead at all times to ensure any issues or delays are mitigated.

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