5 Qualities to Look for in a Family Lawyer in Melbourne

While this may be unchartered territory for most, Klient Kulture has done a little legwork and has found out what traits clients find most appealing in family lawyers, based on client feedback.

What’s their verdict?

That building a trusted relationship, whilst it sounds obvious, is critical and nothing beats good old-fashioned, quality service!

As it turns out, five of the most important factors families should look for when seeking a family law firm, are:

  • Trust and Confidence
  • Availability and Responsiveness
  • Good Communication
  • Efficiency
  • A Strong Connection

This is all well and good to say, but what exactly do these qualities mean?

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When we talk about a family lawyer inspiring trust and confidence, what we’re really saying is, does the lawyer make you, as the client, feel like they have the knowledge and skills needed to handle your will, divorce, or child custody arrangements? You also want to feel confident that they will use their knowledge and resources to achieve your desired outcomes.

Moving onto the concept of responsiveness and availability, is your lawyer available when you need them to be? This can be a bit of a catch-22 for lawyers because the more successful they are, the more in-demand they tend to be! This should not become detrimental to you. We believe this concept is more than simply being able to answer the phone when you call. This is where a good team working together becomes important. Multiple points of contact within the firm can be a good way to maintain availability.

What about communication? If your lawyer doesn’t communicate with you regularly, you won’t have a clue what’s going on. On the other hand, if they keep in regular contact but keep explaining things to you in complex legal jargon you’ll probably feel even more confused. If they’re able to speak to you in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, without being condescending you’ve found a winner!

The fourth important factor to look for in a quality family lawyer is efficiency. According to Klient Kulture’s survey on past legal clients, inefficiency can be a real deal breaker for clients. Efficiency is extremely important, especially where you’re being billed by the hour. It can also often become an outcome of how well the other factors are being managed!

This last one goes for any professional field, not just lawyers. Connection. It’s such a simple concept, but families who just want someone to get the job done often overlook it. There’s nothing worse than doing business with someone you can’t stand, so hiring a family lawyer who you genuinely get along with and share similar values with is important. When it comes to family law, clients often cite empathy as a big part of the connection they want to feel with their lawyer. This is because they want to work with someone who genuinely understands their specific circumstances and cares enough to want a positive outcome. They don’t want their lawyer to strive for success because a win is a win, they want that win to mean something on a more human level, to everyone involved.

So, when you’re looking for a family lawyer in Melbourne, come in and visit the team at Argent Law and see for yourself how we stack up against these criteria.

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