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Property disputes

How the assets and liabilities of a marriage or de facto relationship are to be divided up upon separation is often a source of significant dispute between the parties.

At Argent Law, we are experts in property settlement matters, from the most complex disputes involving intricate structures, numerous asset and liabilities, holdings in Australia and overseas, to more simple – but nonetheless important and often hotly contested “house and garden” matters.

We help our clients to deal with jurisdictional issues (ie whether or not a property settlement is an entitlement of a party under Australian law), identifying the property pool to be divided, evaluating the parties respective constitutions to the accumulation of assets and liabilities, plus also considering any other important factor the justice of the case warrants.

If attempts to resolve all the above questions fail, the Court proceedings will be necessary and we at Argent Law pride ourselves in our refusal to allow our client’s time and money to be wasted – either in negotiations or court proceedings – on the way to a just and equitable property division outcome.

What can we do for you?

We are experienced in availing our clients of all resources available to them under the law  – such as issuing subpoenas (to banks, financial advisors, companies, or employers), requiring financial disclosure (such as bank account statements and tax records), issuing Notices to superannuation funds, and issuing Notices to Admit Facts (such as facts pertaining to financial transactions).  Where necessary and appropriate, we do not hesitate to lodge caveats or seek freezing Orders to protect assets of parties in acrimonious disputes.

Our network of associated professionals – such as property and business valuers, forensic accountants, tax advisors, real estate agents and property advocates – ensures that our client’s property settlement matters are as successful as possible, including when looked at from every angle.

For property disputes, whether the dispute is to be settled by negotiation between the parties or determined by the Court, payment on settlement arrangements may be available to our clients.  So too, interim distributions of property, spousal maintenance and litigation funding may be available whilst the matter is ongoing. Further, the related matter of child support (including Binding Child Support Agreements or a Child Support departure dispute) often travels alongside property matters.

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