Giving Back

Every lawyer has a “why.” Why do they want to do this job? Why do they want to work these hours and take on the pressure it takes to be a good lawyer? What drove them through law school and through the mountain of work and reading required to go from junior lawyer to principal or partner?

For our Principal Melissa Patterson, the answer comes to her without any hesitation or second thought, it is all about advocacy and empowerment. Advocating our client’s position is the ultimate goal in our legal work and this is what Melissa has instilled in all of her staff at Argent Law and is what drives us in everything we do inside and outside of the office.

Some of Argent Law initiatives:

  • Support for young female lawyers and law students through mentoring and work experience.
  • Representation for vulnerable and disabled people through government schemes, pro-bono work and/or discounted fee arrangements.
  • Encouragement of staff to be active members of the community through volunteering at Community Legal Centres and attending events such as the Save the Children Run and the Mother’s Day Classic.
  • Equipment donations made to local pre-schools.
  • Contribution to charities and local events in the Richmond and Croydon area such as the Rotary Club of Croydon.

Argent Law on Climate Change and the Environment.

At Argent Law, we believe you should leave things better than you found them.

We know this is an important time for businesses to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment. At Argent Law we do not take this responsibility lightly and we are always looking for ways we can minimise our Carbon footprint. We have achieved a major reduction in our paper use since moving to paper-light electronic systems and legal filing and we are continuing to look into ways we can reduce and offset our energy use in the future.

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