Completing Wills Online

Complete your Will in the comfort of your home with Argent Law

To assist our valued clients in this difficult time we have launched an online service for Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Through this service you will be able to provide instructions for the preparation of your Will and/or Powers of Attorney and have them signed and witnessed without having to leave your home.

You can provide your instructions over the phone by talking to one of our lawyers or by simply filling out a user-friendly form.

The process is as follows:

  • Providing Instructions

You can either:

(a) Telephone our office and talk to one of our lawyers who can take you through the information we require from you; or

(b) Click on the link to the online Questionnaire below and complete the form at your convenience. Once this is completed the email will be sent through to us.

  • Preparing the Documents

Upon receipt of your instructions the Lawyer will prepare a draft of your documents in accordance with your instructions and email them for checking.

  • Reviewing the Draft Documents

When you receive your draft documents you can either print them off and review the hard copy or simply review the soft copy on your computer.

If you require any changes or have any questions you can then simply telephone the Lawyer or send them an email.

  • Finalising the Draft Documents

After making any necessary changes the Lawyer will then finalise the documents in readiness for signing.

  • Signing and Witnessing the Documents

The Lawyer will then email the final draft documents to you for checking and at the same time set up a time with you to sign the documents by Video Link on your computer.

All you need is to be able to have access to a Video Conferencing software such as Zoom. The Lawyer will talk you though how to set this up if you don’t already have it and how to sign and return the documents once they are signed.

The Lawyer will then take care of the rest and send you a copy of the signed document when the documents have been adequately witnessed.

What is the difference between our service and standard online Wills?

When completing a standard online Will, there is no supervision by an expert lawyer and the Willmaker has limited resources if they have questions surrounding the document. Also, with a standard online Will, the Willmaker will have to arrange for the signing and witnessing of the documents themselves. The Willmaker will also not have free access to a fire proof safe to store the Will documents, which is a complementary service our firm provides to all of our clients.

Click here to complete the Wills Questionnaire

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